Three Thorns of the Rose

Traditional medicine of Europe
newly discovered in exile

The secrets of healing, born and developed in Europe long before
the Christian era and modern medicine, are not lost forever!
The tradition was saved in the East
and is now available again to the West.


- Probably the oldest method of healing in the Western hemisphere, widely used on the European continent from ancient times to the 14th century.
- A unique technology, that unites acupuncture and astrology in the healing of the majority of known illnesses.
- A harmonic way of influencing Body, Spirit and Destiny all together to correct previous mistakes and avoid future threats.
- A precise personal treatment for every case, based on all available data.


This technology, saved as a family tradition, made a long way from Malta through Austria to St.Petersburg (Russia).
The current keeper of the method, Andry Taubert, medical doctor with practice, wants to give it back to the European society.

The Three Thorns of the Rose method is:
- easy to study
- safe to practice
- highly efficient

Contact: Andry Taubert